Saturday, July 15, 2006

First Blog

Everybody else is doing it why can't I? Not that I need anything else to do, and not that the world needs any more blogs. But here goes anyway. I'll probably talk mostly about knitting since I always forget to take my camera out to the shop, but I'll throw in some pottery talk too so that I can pretend that I'm working :)

This week I finished a pair of socks with cascade fixation yarn on size 3 needles. I used 48 stitches per round and it's a little stretched. Also they drew up just a little in the first wash. I've started another pair a big bigger, we'll see how that goes. I'm teaching a sock class in a month, so I'm trying out several things. Also I made one pair on my prefered DPN's and the other with 2 circs for the class. I'm just more used to the DPN's. I'm sure I could come to love the 2 needle method, but not yet. Still need to try out the loop.

I'm also working on a sleeveless top in Berrocco Cotton Twist. Here is the back, I'm got about 10 more rows on the front. I'm trying to have it done in time to wear it to the Mt Mitchell Craft Fair in a couple of weeks. It finally feels like I might get there.

Off to get some work done.


Zarzuela said...

Congrats on starting a blog! :) I love how the socks came out. Very cute! The tank is look great too. Hope you have fun with blogging!


Anonymous said...

So when and where are you teaching a class on knitting socks? I like to knit, but have never tried socks.
Your pal, Deana