Monday, September 25, 2006

Progress Finally

I sort of feel like I made some progress this week

The light blue is only partly done, I'm going to add another layer or two. In the middle is the other one that used to be yellow. Still a little weird, but we'll see how it swatches out. I can always make it more green. And on the right I tried a few tie dying techniques. It needed lots more tieing. But I'm using up the left over blue dye from the first green run. I've tied another skein, and there is still a big pot of blue left over. I understand that usually the problem is not enough color. I'm not having that. If nothing else, I am getting some strong colors.

In the pottery world, I'm glazing pots this week as well as finishing up a few last minute ones. I have to fire on Thursday to be ready to set up an exhibit on Monday. Then another firing the next week. All that and my 10th high school class reunion this weekend too.

1 comment:

Zarzuela said...

You are definitely getting some interesting results. I keep telling myself I'm going to break out the kool aid at some point...

10th H.S. Reunion huh? I skipped mine earlier this year. Hope you have fun!