Monday, October 30, 2006

Finished Sweater and Fiber Fair

I finally have a finished object to show off. I started this sweater last fall, but it wasn't going right and spring was coming so I lost my motivation.

I usually tend to slack on the blocking stage. As you can see I seamed it all together before I blocked it. But since I did the body and the sleeves on circulars it didn't make much sense not to. It did need a little stretching in the arms. And I got about and extra inch in the overall length.

So here it is. Modified version of the Gatsby Pullover from Interweave Knits Spring 2003 issue. I used Cashmere Luxury Chunky yarn.

Also as you can see I visited the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair this weekend. What fun. Pictured here is a Suri Llama, she's about 11 months old and already a Grand Champion something. I was sort-of paying attention. It was cold and wet and there weren't many people around the barns, so we got to talk to lots of owners.

Also out in the barns we met the great people from Interlacements Yarns. It was great to see this yarn in person. I bought two skeins of Tiny Toes and their beaded scarf kit. Shown in the right of this picture. On the left is a pair of Sol Mate socks. How could I resist, those colors were perfect for me.

I've never done any beads before so I had balled up the yarn before I even took the picture. I've worked on it over the rest of the weekend.
I'm really not sure beading is my thing. If the beads slid on their own I'd be happy. But it's way too fussy to have to stop and slide so many beads down every few rows. But I'm loving the results!

Then there was my truly splurge purchase. Laceweight Tencel from Just Our Yarn

This company had the most wonderful yarns. Most were very light weights. I'm enjoying the lacy project I'm working on, but I'm into more instant gratification of smaller projects on medium sized yarns. But I couldn't resist getting something. They had cashmeres that I just wanted to stand around and pet, but pricy!!!!. This was pretty reasonable for 1000 yards. Now I need another lace scarf pattern. After I finish the one I've got going of course.


Zarzuela said...

Your new sweater looks great! Looks like you got some nice finds too. :)


Valerie Polichar said...

The sweater looks excellent on you. That yarn sounds yummy as well. I'm impressed with how trim the sweater's lines are given that it's a chunky yarn. Maybe I should rethink my attitude about chunky yarns!

Tencel is irresistible. The sheen is amazing. I have some merino-tencel in a fingering weight that I plan to use for a light shawl. It just glows.

Alison said...

The sweater is great!

And I LOVE Just our Yarn! They visited our local guild a few months ago and I passed up some of the cashmere laceweight. I thought about it and thought about it and I just had to write them and see if they still had that particular color (it was muted purples). They did, so I splurged. They do have lovely colorways and I like the Tencel you chose.