Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Knitters Tea Swap

So I joined my first swap. The Knitter's Tea Swap. I had a lot of fun gathering up the items to send off to PA to my partner. And yesterday.... Ta Da! I got my package! My swap partner is Babette at I can't wait to get over to her blog and get to know her.

I opened everything very slowly and sampled along the way. Just like Christmas I want to make each one last as long as possible.The whole shabang! With details to follow.
The Teas- Scottish Breakfast, PG Tips, and a couple more exotic blacks.

The goodies! English Tea Cookies, (note the opened state of all the packages.) White Chocolate Malt Balls!!!! Those are amazing. Honey straws, a couple of honey candies. Green Tea Mints, and evading the picture. Teapot themed note cards that will just have to inspire a tea party this winter. They are perfect for the invitationsAnd the grand finale, KOIGU!! My very first. I hadn't even seen any in person before, just on the web. Lots of colors, and such a neat texture with the two plying.


Zarzuela said...

Wow! You had a great partner. :) Nice Koigu! Enjoy it. :)

Alison said...

Wow, what some nice loot:)