Monday, October 23, 2006

Yarn Bowls and Swatches

First, blatant commerce-
I present Yarn Bowls.

Just right to keep your ball in place while you knit. The yarn threads out through the hole. I have one beside the couch, but I also carry mine in the car with me and keep it between my feet. Confuses the thieving furry creatures that you may live with as well. I hadn't expected to have any this soon, but managed to squeeze a batch into the next kiln load. They are about 7" across the top and 5-6" tall. I have 8 ready to go in the four colors shown. Light Blue, Dark Blue, Brown and Green, and Tan. The price with shipping in the US is $38. Send an email to

Second, I swatched up a couple of my latest dyeing efforts. This is a circular swatch of a gauge to approximate a sock. The first one is not so red, more a very rich Mahogany Brown, the second is denim blue like well worn jeans. I'd go outside and take better pictures, but it's about 35 degrees and 35 mph winds. Maybe later in the week.


Valerie Polichar said...

LOVE the denim blue. And the bowls of course!

Zarzuela said...

The bowls are so awesome! So are the swatches. I'd love to link to your post on my blog if you don't mind. Everyone should know about these (but then you would never sleep!)!


Anonymous said...

Wow those are just lovely and such a good idea.