Thursday, November 09, 2006

Studio Tour Teaser

The Toe River Studio Tour comes up in just three weeks! On December 2-3 over 125 artists in 75 locations all over Mitchell and Yancey counties* will open their studios. The arts council publishes a new and improved map and has an exhibit to help visitors find their way. The tour has been going on for more than 15 years and has grown each year. This will be our 4th tour in my (not so new anymore) studio.

Since this is Lucas's first tour he gets to be first. These are two of his large pieces, but he has been working hard on a variety of items. So far I've heard about mirrors, candlesticks, bookends, end tables and flowers. With three weeks to go there's no telling what else he will come up with.

Having worked all summer at a real job Mom doesn't have quite the selection she's had in the past, but with her time more focused she has some especially great pieces.

Please ignore the top view carpet shot, I take full credit for last minute laziness.

And in my studio I've turning out pots at an amazing speed. Most days.

I've got two kiln loads of pots in the works, and I should have a good selection of everything. For the first time in two years I might even have enough mugs! I also hope to have a dozen or more yarn bowls ready to go along with....
the debut of my very own hand dyed sock yarn!

This is what's ready, I'd love to get another day to work on it, but at this point there is no telling if it will happen. The pots of course have to take precedence.

I hope to see many of you here! The maps are available all over the area. Pick one up when you get here at either of the arts council centers while you see the exhibit, the studios, galleries, or the Chamber offices. Or if you just can't wait, we can send you one in the mail as well. Just let me know.

You can also see more of our work at the website SKH Pottery

*And for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about and didn't get here from the newsletter, we're in the mountains of Western North Carolina. The hotbed of crafts in the country. More artists per capita than anywhere else in the US.


Zarzuela said...

Beautiful crafts you have there. Wish I was going to be in the area. Congrats on the sock yarn too! That's so cool that you've gone into that. What type of dyes are you using? I might be trying kool aid with some of my handspun this weekend. :)


Valerie Polichar said...

Everything is gorgeous and I want all of it. One of these days you'll have to make an Etsy store or something so we can buy your pottery — not to mention your mom's stuff — or do you already have one?