Thursday, December 07, 2006

Back again

I didn't realize it had been so long since I had posted. Lots going on, but not much to blog about I guess. The Studio Tour went great, we had lots of people and sales were as good as ever.
The sock class I'm teaching started on Monday, I think it went well. My 5 students didn't seem nearly as confused by the end as they were at the beginning of the class. I guess we'll really see next Monday if their socks are still socks. Next week we do heels.
I had cast on a sock so that I'd have an example of the first step. I carried it around the whole time and never knit a stitch. So I've got to get on it to get it ready for a heel. I had hoped to have two ready, that's not going to happen, I guess the other will have to be faked.
I took a few pictures, but any hope at natural light failed me. You can see why.

Even when the sun is peeking out it's really glarey. It's going to be 14 degrees by this evening. Yikes!

This is the sample sock for the class. My favorite Cascade Fixation color yet.

And this is almost a sock from my own dyed yarn. I really want another inch or so of the dark blue at the top. I hate ribbing, what was I thinking? The second sock is going to be so slow.


Zarzuela said...

Great socks! Any insights you care to share for teaching others sock knitting? I'm doing a class next month myself.


Valerie Polichar said...

I made socks in that cascade fixation colorway for my niece. So pretty.

Your hand-dyed socks are going to be fabulous blue-jean socks. Sorry you picked a pattern you don't like, though.