Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sock Story

Last week on the studio tour one of my very good customers bought a few skeins of sock yarn. She had never knit socks but her daughter had sent her a pattern. Today, one week later, I stopped by her house and she had finished her first pair of socks, and they're tall socks, none of this ankle stuff I usually make. I'm impressed. She said they were great sleeping socks and she'd even figured out a way to hand wash them. She wore them into the shower this morning! Nice and clean and layed out to dry. I'd have never thought about it, but why not?


Anonymous said...

Wish I could take you sock class. It would be nice to have someone look over my shoulder on my first try. Not yey maybe next year.

Zarzuela said...

LOL! That is awesome! Gotta remember that....