Friday, February 09, 2007

The Maggie Index

Meteorologists are missing out on a really important tool for weather tracking, I'm calling it the Maggie index. It is a combination of temperature and sun intensity with a little wind thrown in. Unlike any other weather tool it is measured in minutes. Is is of course the amount of time that Maggie will stay outside in a given period before whining and jumping in front of the window to be let back in. For instance this morning at 10am the index was at 20 minutes, but by just 11:30 we were up to 45 minutes. However with the incoming clouds now at 2pm it is down to just 6 minutes. Of course there are factors to be considered, mainly the laziness of the person who has to open the door. Sometimes one can ignore the whining and increase the index considerably.

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laurie in maine said...

We have a Jazzy Index...looks about the same :) With a wind chill factor it takes her about 33.6 seconds to go out one door and kick at the other one 3 rooms away. In the event of blizzard conditions she might come back in the same door she went out.

Good luck with Sock Madness - we seem to be in the same division and I've been blog hopping.
Enjoyed the visit :)