Monday, March 26, 2007

Weekend wrap-up

Another beautiful weekend spent outside. I had finished the knitting part of this sweater last week. I'm not very motivated to do the seaming right now though. When the first baby is born I'll probably dye it. Who really wants to try to keep baby clothes white?

The second round of Sock Madness started Thursday evening. I saw the pics of the first finished sock about 16 hours later. Some people don't need sleep evidently. I've been working on my pair a little, but I was more motivated to use the pattern to start my next baby project.

The sock is Lisa Souza yarn in the Emerald City color. The few inches of sweater is yarns that I dyed myself. The darker is a skein leftover from my Clapitos scarf. Which I remember now that I haven't taken pictures of yet.

Also this weekend my Dad's band had their first gig in a few years.

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