Friday, April 27, 2007

Magic Yarn Ball

So this month I've participated in a Magic Yarn Ball Swap. You choose lots of cool goodies and wrap them up in a ball of yarn to send off to someone else. I think originally one was expected to unwrap as they knit with the yarn, but who can wait to see what's inside. Here's a link to the one I sent . It was not round to say the least. I stuffed in anything I could think of. Here's the one I received:

It's round, I'm not sure how she managed to make it round. Except that it's lace weight yarn. That's a lot of wrapping. What was I thinking, asking for lace weight? What was she thinking, offering it? But I love it, I've already cast it on the needles for a scarf.

And here's the rest. All of this stuff was wrapped up inside. Well there may have been more candy, but it took a while to unwrap. Lots of good smells. A strawberry masque that will have to wait until the fall, I don't think my stomach will withstand that intensity of smell for 10 minutes. Some Burt's Bees cuticle cream, lip balm, post-its, a mini sheep! and stitch markers. Since she asked what knitting gadgets I might like I admitted that I have no stitch markers. Now I do, 4 each of two different colors. They are standing by for the pattern part of the lace. What fun! I can't wait to do another one.


Anonymous said...

How fun it this swap!! lucky you.

Zarzuela said...

Now that is a cool idea for a swap. I knew they were doing a yarn pr0n exchange, but I missed this. Nice stuff!