Thursday, April 19, 2007

You say it's your birthday???

Well it's my birthday too, yeah!

It's somewhat of a tradition in our family lately to make ones own birthday cake. I certainly don't mind. I got to try out this new recipe for a steamed cake. I purposely undercooked it a bit, the doughnut hole in the middle is all just undercooked fudginess. YUM! With vanilla ice cream of course.

It's an interesting week to have a birthday with so many national tragedies (and some personal ones) both old and new. I was wrapped up in high school life in '95 for the Oklahoma City bombing. I certainly knew it was happening, but it was a long way away, physically and mentally. Not having a TV for the last 10 or so years changes your prospective. I was in school at Haywood when the Columbine shooting took place, so lots of NPR coverage. And I guess that's where I've been this week as well listening to the coverage of the VT shooting. Paying attention, but it's all pretty abstract. What a mess. Here is the Wiki list of April 19 happenings there are some interesting things on this date.

In a happier note this is my front flower bed. Samuel's Garden. We dutifully covered everything up for 9 days of cold weather, the plants thought it was death by squishing, but they're all standing up nicely now. After thunderstorms tonight it should be bright and sunny for at least the next week.

The columbines will bloom in the next week or so.

The purple one (pulminaria I think) has been blooming since the end of January and it just keeps getting bigger.

We thought the lilac's were surely lost to the cold, they are 12 feet tall and way too large to cover, but it looks like though some leaves got singed the blooms must have been just small enough. I think they'll bloom in the next week as well. Yipee. Mom and Dad did suffer a major garden loss this week though. After covering their blueberries for the cold, a massive tree fell and managed to flatten the whole row in the wind storms this week. Oh well, we just have to hope those roots are strong and ready to pop up more canes.

Knitting pictures next time. Both the green socks and the purple baby sweater are nearing completion.


Valerie Polichar said...

Happy Birthday, fellow April birthday-er! Hope it's a great year. Lovely flowers!

Alison said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it was a good one.

cathie said...

these pictures are really nice. what a lovely garden. And happy birthday...

Bridget said...

Sorry I missed wishing you Happy Birthday *on* your birthday, but I hope it was a good one anyway! It's always good to know of a nice thing that happens on a date that otherwise might just seem sad.

That cake sure looks yummy, how did it taste?

Beautiful flower pictures!