Thursday, May 03, 2007

In Progress

I've got three projects going this week, the first is the Candle Flame Shawl from Knitpicks. I'm using the hand dyed merino from my LnV magic yarn ball swap. Progress so far, the border and half a repeat! It's one of those turn off everything and concentrate, pattern in my lap the whole time kind of things. Yikes, but no deadlines at least.

Second, here is half a baby sweater. It's taking a little concentration too, at least until I finish the second sleeve and join it all up. Then it will be smooth going all the way up to the neck. (I hope)

And since I needed something mindless for in front of the computer and in the car I started a pretty basic sock. This is some yarn I received in a trade with Mama-E last fall. The color is Koi. The stripes are actually spiraling up the sock. Not my usual colors, but that's why I like it.

Today is a firing day in the pottery life. Usually that makes for a very late night, but I got a good early start, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Hope I get a nap! I've got a little more glazing to do for the next loads. But so far everything is on schedule.


Zarzuela said...

Everything looks great. I really like the sock colors. Mama E does some *good* stuff! Good luck with the firing. Sounds like a big job!


mames said...

baby sweaters are looking good, just don't be surprised when they do not fit. i plan on posting the pics of the beans in their knits, it is nothing short of hi-larious. thanks for visiting and viewing. smiles

carolyn said...

My sarah sent me your sock pattern and two balls of yarn for mother's day so I think I'll join the sock club....having made many knit thing but no socks!

Anonymous said...

ooh nice colours... and it's from the toe up!!!

Where did you get the pattern? I've been searching for ages...