Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Socks, Flowers, Vacation

Combination belly and vacation shot. We spent the weekend on Ocracoke Island on the Outer Banks of NC. I had pots to deliver to a gallery there, so we decided to drive instead of ship. It was great! Very relaxing, not too crowded. The village is small, so we did a lot of walking. The beach was beautiful and we spent over an hour there walking without seeing another human, just dolphins! The photo was taken on the Windfall as we took a sunset cruise.

I got lots of knitting done on the drive. These are toe up from Wendy's pattern (pdf). Made from Mama-E sock yarn that we traded for last fall. It was very nice to do a toe up without a short row toe and heel. I'll be trying that again. It was also my first picot edging for the top. Anyway I can avoid ribbing is fine with me. Too bad that my internal thermostat is set on pregnant, there's no way I can wear them until fall.

Although what I really need is another mindless project for carrying around, I started yet another project that requires some concentration. At least in this stage. Monkey socks from Knitty. I really like them so far. Yarn is more of my own hand dyed.

Flower shot. This was a fish bowl until this morning. Flush, snip, now it's a vase. There is definitely a color trend in my yard right now. There are 6 types of flower in that vase. The purples are columbine, false indigo, and iris. The pinks are bleeding heart, dianthus and cheddar pink (also a dianthus)


Alison said...

That's a great shot of you; you actually look comfortable which I know is pretty hard right now :-)

Anonymous said...

The socks look great!!

Anonymous said...

you prego!

i have marked the white columbine in my yard so i can get some seeds for you this year. Harriet has some too...

Zarzuela said...

Looks like a nice way to spend a day or two. You look very relaxed. :)

The new socks are great! I love toe up with a flap and gusset. Fits much better for me.

Pretty flowers too!

We leave for camp in just over a week. I cannot wait!!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your new baby. I am happy for you! I am also very impressed with your knitting talent. :)