Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I've been released! Today marks 37 weeks of my pregnancy so while I do have to take it easy I don't have to be flat in bed. So 5 days wasn't bad. I did lots of reading and lots of knitting, about a dozen Killer Sudokus, wrote some thank you notes. Knowing how little of that kind of thing will happen after the baby comes I've been kind of thankful to have some down time. The only thing I'm doing differently today is a little more time at the computer and hopefully I'll finish a project or two with the sewing machine.

I have made great progress on both my current socks. The blue ones don't look much different from last week since it's a plain pattern and dark yarn, but the Pomatomus socks are coming along great. Finally a pattern that's strong enough to carry a variegated yarn! I'm about 1 inch from starting the heel flap.


Valerie Polichar said...

What apretty Pomatomus! That's a good colorway to choose. I like how the yellow and red make little random lines; they look a bit like seagulls against a greeny-blue sky.

Carol said...

What a pretty Pomo-whatsis!

Romi said...

Gorgeous socks!

And congrats on your release. :)