Monday, June 04, 2007

Studio Tour Time

This weekend June 9-10 is the Spring Toe River Studio Tour. If you've been up for a tour before you know the routine. If you've never done a tour before you're in for a treat as always. Over 100 artists in 75 locations. It's a great time to visit and meet the artists and see their work spaces. Maps are available at each studio, other places all over the two county region, and you can view it online.

There is an exhibit in Spruce Pine at the ToeRiverArtsCouncil center so that you can see what interests you and plan your route. And on Friday the 8th there is also a reception there from 5-8 with lots of great food. It's a great chance to view the exhibit and meet many of the artists ahead of time.
If you'd like any more details, let me know or contact TRAC at 828-765-0520.

Lucas and Mom will be joining me at the tour again this time. Both have lots of new work in progress right up until the last minute. And Lucas's new website is up and running, check it out at

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning. Thought it would be fun to try to write to you this way: indicating anonymous. Just in case you can't tell who is anonymous it's me, Linda Forbes.
Received some Natural Bare Superwash Worsted from Knit Picks and can hardly wait to use it. I'm one of those strange folks who like to finish a project before starting another one and only have two or three going at a time. I've also enjoyed checking out the Catnip Yarns now that they are open. I'd like to try making socks one of these days. Last winter I enjoyed making mittens.
Also I think the little felted pots look adorable, but I'm not much interested in felting so far. And I'm very busy keeping up with The Home of the Perfect Christmas Tree already.
Maybe I'll catch a glimps of you Wednesday morning at the meeting about the Studio Tour. Maybe you will rather be home! Our new exhibit is very bright and cheerful. And the artists are sweet: all day Saturday, if they weren't in the gallery, they were walking up and down the street in front of it.
Also Saturday I had a good sale: three pretty little pieces by Melissa Cadell (sp?) who just happened to pop in on their way home from the beach. And Liz Summerfield came by to move some of her work in and out. Pretty soon you, like them, will have a little one for us to see.