Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer of Socks Day 1

First, my finished Monkey socks. I was determined to get them done and out of the way before SOS began.

Pattern is from Knitty.
Yarn is my own hand dyed. They feel a little snug right now, but I'm sure when my ankles go back to a normal they'll fit just fine.

Now on to Summer of Socks!
This morning 500 some knitters began a giant knit-a-long that will last from solstice to equinox.

I started two pairs today, one with a pattern for home when I can concentration, and one easy and plain for every other time.

On top is Pomatomus
also from Knitty and Cookie A in another of my own hand dyed yarns in my
Summer of Socks Colorway. Another skein is one of the prizes for the KAL. I hope it goes well with the pattern. I like it a lot, it's all grass and sky and flowers.

The bottom sock is a basic toe up sort of following a pattern(pdf) by Wendy.
Yarn is Interlacements Tiny Toes, in color 28606

At this point my SOS goals might just have to be finishing these two pairs. My body is letting me know that I can't count on the 4 more weeks until my due date. At this point I'm taking it one baby shower at a time.

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Alison said...

Maybe I shouldn't tell you, but I was dilated a bit and having contractions at about 4 weeks before my due date (and I was so ready to be over with it). I was a week and a day late :-) So you never know ;-). Good luck though; I wish you a very easy labour.

Beautiful colorway for your socks.