Friday, August 17, 2007

Seven Weeks

Seven weeks old today! We had our first official play date where the four babies completely ignored each other. Although there was one minor crying jag that broke out collectively. On the highly unscientific bathroom scale he's almost 12 pounds and has grown out of a few clothes already.


Cindy/Snid said...

He is absolutely beautiful! Your most gorgeous project so far! ;)

Isn't it amazing that we can create such things of beauty?
A late but still heartfelt congratulations!!!!

carolyn said...

What a cute little guy!! We're trying to figure out with my sarah a time for us to come visit so I hope I get to meet him!!

Anonymous said...

He is adorable and pretty good sized for being a little early. He looks very healthy, I bet your mom and dad are spoiling him rotten already. Anyway best wishes for sleep to you both!!!

Anonymous said...

He's so sweet! Love the last picture!