Friday, January 11, 2008

6+ months

We just got home from our 6 month doctor visit. He of course flirted with everyone in the office and made them feel really guilty at having to give him shots and make him cry.

Wearing his Dad's new hat

Since his last visit he's grown two inches and almost two pounds! He's still napping much less, but he's been happy in the studio watching me work from his stroller a little too. He's eating a few foods. Cereal of course and also pears, squash, and carrots so far. I'll probably add in a few more things in the next week, time for something green I think. The first bite of anything generates a face as if I've just fed him poison.

And as I was sitting here writing he got fussy, when I turned around he had rolled over for the very first time! Yipee!

With his great-grand Papaw over Christmas

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mames said...

what a spectacularly beautiful little boy. he is 6 months? my how the time flies.