Saturday, March 29, 2008

9 Months

The boy is 9 months old today. Longer on the outside than in. It's hard to remember the early parts lots of days, it's fun to browse through the pictures. He's changed so much. He eats like a champ though this piece of asparagus was way more fun as a microphone. He cleans up every bite of his bowl of food then cries when we show him the empty bowl. He drinks out of a cup, but only with one of us holding it very tightly. He's starting to get the hang of a 'sippy' cup on his own.

Crawling will happen any time now. He's been doing all the yoga moves to prepare.


Downward Dog

No idea what you'd call this one....

He's got the knees part down and he rocks back and forth, but his hands are firmly planted when he's on his knees. Sooner or later he gives up and just rolls where he wants to go.

We also figured out the solution to a two fold problem in our house. Keeping him happy and the dog out of the kitchen while dinner is preparing. Just let them take care of each other.

We're off to Charlotte next weekend to visit as much of the family as we can cram into three days.
Hey Gramma..... how about a field trip next Saturday??


Valerie Polichar said...

Can't believe how cute this little fellow is. I thought he was an extraordinarily handsome newborn, and he is continuing in that path. Watch out, as soon as he can toddle he'll be charming everyone and having them all wrapped around his finger!

Love the pic of him and the dog :)

Have a great time in Charlotte!

Ruth said...

He is sooo cute. Yoga poses, indeed!

~Molly~ said...

I just found you through Laughing Duck's blogroll. What a CUTE baby he is!! Love the yoga moves, lol.

My parents and brother live near Burnsville, actually closer to Celo. They left east Texas to be in a more artsy community and they LOVE it out there. Meanwhile, we're stuck in hot old Texas, sigh.

Anyway, I'm off to explore your blog.