Sunday, March 09, 2008


After 4 months of really bad internet connections I finally gave in to corporate US and signed up for DSL. Weeeeeee! It's maybe not as fast as I expected, but after dialup anything is an improvement.

But it's hurting my current computer knitting project. I usually keep one project here to work on while things load. But a preview.

My first real design project and I LOVE the yarn.
Dream in Color -Classy
Color-Lunar Zazzle
Purchased from The Loopy Ewe

And of course because some of you couldn't care less what I'm knitting!

The fourth tooth popped out yesterday.


mames said...

is that a target onesie i spy? we have tons and the boys just grew out of the 9 month so i cut the feet off (it is getting pretty warm around socal). love 'em but i think we are put of their size range now.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the highspeed fun!