Monday, March 17, 2008

Madness I Tell You

On Thursday the Madness began again.
Sock Madness 2
Inspired by the college basketball tournament a pattern is released and hordes of crazy knitters race to be the first to finish. Or in the case of this first round be one of the first 40 in your division.
This pattern came to my email around 2 last Thursday. I finished the first sock early Saturday morning. I finished the second heel this morning before discovering that I was one repeat short and pulled it back out again.
You can visit the flickr group and see all the finished pairs and lots of socks in progress.

Zombie Socks
Knitting Notions Supersock- Lilac

This makes me happy!

Baby picture of the week!

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mames said...

march sock madness, that made me laugh. get to it, girl, you are almos t there. again, cutie holding his little tootsie....i love your baby.