Monday, April 14, 2008

Crawling away

When there's something to aim for he's off and crawling. But for casual moving around the house, he still prefers the rambling rolling sitting wiggling method that he's been using for a couple of weeks. Anything that's 8 inches off the ground has to be tasted on the way by. He's still not quick to pick something up and put it in his mouth, but fixed objects are a different story. Tooth number 5 is close to popping through, this one has taken forever.

He learned to clap last week. Good thing since it entertained him for most of the car trip to Charlotte last weekend.

He's helped with the knitting some.

I'm almost finished with my Reversai socks, but of course I had to cast on the next Sock Madness pattern!
I have so many projects on the needles. It's a little crazy. 4 pairs of socks and 2 sweaters on my active list.

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mames said...

and he's off. love his knitting practice.