Sunday, May 18, 2008

In Jail

We got a new gate to keep the boy out of the dog food and shoes. He thinks we did it just to give him a place to stand.

No knitting content this week (month). I've been working on a big project that will have to wait until it's done. My sweater is in time out until fall I suspect. I was four rows from the end when I realized that my gauge had changed drastically and one arm was 2 inches longer than the other. I've got several socks going, but they're not all that interesting at the moment.

In pottery news, I'm finally ready to fire a kiln. It's loaded and ready to go. It's only 4 weeks until the studio tour and I've got another load to try to get in before then. We'll see if I can manage that in my 10 hours of work time per week.

I planted this flower bed based on past experience of how far apart to place things. Not sure what it is about this spot, but every plant is twice the size I expected. The Columbine are in full bloom, way in the back and the same color is False Indigo, the Bleeding Heart are almost done right in the middle and the red leaves in the front are Coral Bells. There's and Easter Lily in there too that hasn't bloomed yet and some Dianthis as well that might be able to poke through.

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