Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wow, Really?

Yes, it is really a post about pottery! I opened up the kiln this morning. I haven't gotten too far into it, but so far it looks like a pretty good firing. There are several special orders inside, and a few things will be going to Toe River Crafts, but mostly these pots are for the Studio Tour.

From the left side, dog included for scale.

And from the right, the color is a little better in this shot.

And speaking of the Studio Tour... It's coming right up. Much too soon for some of us.
June 14-15
The maps are now available all around the area and can be viewed online.
Go here for a link to the map.

Here's a boy who knows the one thing in the room that he's not supposed to play with. But the computer keyboard is the new favorite toy. It makes all the cool clicking sounds after all.

He still can't decide if he should be mad or sad when he tumbles. Mostly he just gets up as if nothing has happened.


Beverly said...

That's a whole lot of good looking pottery!!

Jessica said...

Love your work as always! Make sure there's a serving bowl there for us this year, ok? :)

Valerie Polichar said...

Wow, it looks beautiful! I love your colors as always.