Sunday, June 15, 2008

Life as normal

The tour is over for another round and now life can get back to normal. Or at least as normal as it ever gets. We had a great weekend and lots of fun hanging out in the studio with family and friends. The traffic was great on Saturday despite the heavy rain most of the afternoon and enough on Sunday that we didn't drive ourselves crazy. The tour got some good national press this time and we had visitors from all over the East, even some who flew in for the weekend. Yeah! to the PR committee!

In the most important family news, my brother Lucas and Elaine have finally gotten engaged! We've all been nagging him for years to get on with it.

With a deadline for motivation, we finally got the quilt square hung. More details when I can take a better picture, or at least one without Kevin's truck and ladder.

In baby news, we've got a climber! Stairs, hills, people. He thinks this table was made for him with the shelf underneath.

I finished Kevin's socks this evening just in time for his first Father's day.

The week to come consists of getting to bed on time, packing up lots of pots for galleries and delivering some, finishing a few knitting projects, getting my car worked on, haircut, and maybe even getting back to the studio. Sounds relaxing after last week.

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