Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Since his bangs were hanging below his eyes we had to break down and have a little trim. Kevin's only request was that it didn't look like I'd used a bowl. It wasn't my greatest achievement, but not bad for the first time. I'll do better next time.

He now has 7 teeth and he's taken a few steps on his own. As soon as he figures out how fast he can go, he'll be walking all the time. Climbing is the new favorite activity. Couch, hearth, rocking chair, stairs, anything he can get up onto and hang off the side of.

I finished my Misfit Lite socks!

I've got several projects almost done, so maybe there will be a few more knit posts in the next couple of weeks.


turtlegirl76 said...

Nice haircut! Not bowl-like at all. =)

Love the braided cable on the socks.

mames said...

oh sarah, he is so beautiful. his eyes are just gorgeous. and the haircut just shows them off. i told tim i refuse to cut their hair until they hit 2. not sure why two is significant. owen looks wild all the time. but i kinda' like it that way. socks look good too. smiles. amiee