Monday, September 15, 2008


This weekend the boy decided that walking was the preferred method of transportation!
It sure keeps him occupied.

With some help from Mom and Dad, Kevin and I managed to make 8 gallons of spaghetti sauce yesterday. We really missed not having any last year. Now we should be set for a while.

Friday, September 05, 2008


First day of school.

On Wednesday the boy had his first day of preschool. He didn't have much to tell us about it, but I think he had a great time. He'll go two mornings a week for 4 hours. They spend most of the day outside on the playground and taking walks through the neighborhood. The kids range from 1-5 and everyone does everything together so there's lots of interaction. I'm sure he'll be following right along in no time.

A few months ago I made a promise to myself to make teapots on the first day he was there. They just require too much time and focus to do at nap time. I threw 8 and I've managed to get half finished and the other half are trimmed and just need to be assembled.

Then on Wednesday evening we went to Wildacres for dinner. That's my parents on the left and Dad's parents and sister on the right. We try to get in as many visits as possible, but a two hour drive makes for fewer than we'd like.

Sun and Sand

We spent a week at Carolina Beach

Waves were enjoyed

Walking in the sand was pretty cool

Digging in the sand was even cooler

The pool was downright cold, but not as bad as the river

And when it was too windy for the pool, a pan of water on the porch was just as much fun