Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rogue Finished!

I finally finished my Rogue Hoodie a few weeks ago. I started it in August of '07! In the spring I was four rows from the finish when I discovered that one arm was 4 inches longer than the other. So, I put it away for the summer and just pulled it back out a few weeks ago. I'm very glad to be done with it, and I've gotten to wear it twice already.

Rogue Hooded Pullover
Malabrigo worsted

And a kiddo picture just to keep my grandmother coming back! We had black beans for lunch, can you tell?


turtlegirl76 said...

Rogue looks FANTASTIC!

Sarah said...

Looks great! I remember when you started that. Can't wait to get a closer look!

Jessica said...

Gorgeous! I saw a couple of those at Rhinebeck last weekend and was wishing for that hood to keep me warm. Nice job!

mames said...

the rogue is beautiful and you look beautiful in it. the hood is just captivating, all the cable detail. i really want to try this one someday.

on the last post, regarding the climbing. i tried the chair push in but the boys realized they could move them with ease. so we put them up on the table for awhile. well, we went to a local ice cream place with a great little kid area and we turned around to see that they had stacked all the kiddie chairs on the kiddie table. hilarious. the little ones are endless entertainment.