Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We had our first snow yesterday morning. I didn't expect more than flurries, but we had a good dusting on the ground and it kept up all morning. Did I take pictures? Of course not. If you really want to see, here's one!

We had a good visit with my grandparents in the last two days. I wish we could have spent more time with them at Wildacres, but the boy got to bed way too late as it was. We slept in this morning and went late to preschool. Again, did I take pictures? Want to see one anyway?

I've been making lots of pots (you'll have to go back on your own for those pictures) to prepare for the
Toe River Studio Tour coming up December 6-7.

And since I couldn't end without a picture.

No one eats in peace around here any more. Even when he's had his own breakfast he has to check out what we're having.

A shot to show off the mouthful of teeth


Anonymous said...

Wow, such beautiful teeth! He's just so darned cute and looks like both of you.
Do you think you can come to the next Java Jam?

Anonymous said...

He is too cute. Your mom is quite smitten with him, too, as any good grandma is. Brendan is slowly catching up with his own mouthful of teeth. He's turning one in a couple of weeks--hard to believe. He's busy chasing big sis around.

It was great seeing your mom back a couple of months ago. I am even more grateful that she was there to visit Aunt Doris on one of her final coherent days. I know it helped my mom, and your mom seemed quite moved by it as well.

Love from the Michigan family--

carolyn said...

snow already?! wow...our weather is just starting to cool down. We had a really nice visit with Sarah and Gabe...I heard you did too. Sell LOTS of POTS on the tour!

Anonymous said...

He is the perfect blend of the two of you!!! I see Kevin in his beautiful brown eyes; and you in his loving smile!!!!!!