Monday, December 22, 2008

Before and After

There is a one kid movement afoot in our house. It started with 'I can feed myself' and quickly shifted into 'I don't need a spoon'. Today it centered on 'feed me now'. He started eating when he got up this morning and didn't stop until I put him down for his nap.
Here he's spreading oatmeal in his hair in anticipation of his first real haircut. I did such a slack job on his bangs last week that I decided it was time to go for the whole thing.



He did really well, he sat still in the chair for a very long time though he looked in every direction the whole time. It's a big place with lots going on after all.

I didn't get the cabinet closed yesterday and it was discovered, of course. He spent over 15 minutes hiding out in there playing with the pots and pans.

I finished some knitting. This is the Ribbon Lace Scarf from I was worried about having enough yarn, so I made it a repeat narrow than the pattern. Then I bought an extra skein after all. It's about 7 feet long now that I've pinned it out.

Then I decided to make Kevin a pair of felted clogs. I started with the largest size, but after hearing some felting stories I started over with the medium. I think they'll work well. I also made a pair for Mom for her birthday. They are very pretty but turned out about an inch too long so I don't know how much she'll wear them.

The sunrise on Saturday from our front porch

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Anonymous said...

Haircuts make babies look so grown up all of a sudden.

I love the Lace Ribbon and felted clogs.

That is a peaceful sunrise.