Monday, January 19, 2009

Catching up

Lots of catching up to do!
I didn't take many pictures over the holidays, too much else to do! We had a great time, lots of packing and driving. We slept in three different beds in three nights. But it was worth it to see all the family.

We continued the window replacement with a little help, the toy hammer had to disappear after that. He just can't understand that this window is finished.

He learned to put on his 'hat' by himself and he knows how cute he is when he does it.

He did a little exploring of my desk

All in all we were all glad when preschool started back up after the holiday break!

It's been below freezing for most of the week with 3 on the thermometer two mornings when we got up. The river is frozen over in the slow parts. Here is Kevin testing out the beaver pond just downstream from our house.

I've got several knitting projects going, but I haven't finished anything, and none of the in progress stuff turned out to be very photogenic.
I did make a square for a charity afghan project at my local yarn store. It was a good excuse to play with some cables.