Friday, February 27, 2009


When most people say that they work is piling up, they don't mean it literally. Most years after the tour in December I have taken a break for the rest of the month and I get back to work refreshed in January.
This year I didn't take that break since my work time is so scarce anyway. I started throwing again and I haven't stopped. I had lots on my to-do list and more keep coming up. Also the transition from throwing to glazing and firing takes some time for me both mentally and actually. And there are kiln issues and glaze tests that I've been putting off. It's much easier to just keep throwing. After two months of that, the pots are piling up!

Serving bowls and dinnerware

Everything else, mugs, bowls, pump bottles, baking dishes

Tubs of glaze tests and a bowl of bisqued tiles to put them on

Soup mugs and more bowls

And of course there's been knitting! There seems to be another baby boom this spring and again in September, so I always have a pair of baby socks in progress.

This is a pair I've been working on since last fall. They were my travel and tv knitting, so they've been slow going. The pattern is Jaywalker and the yarn is Lorna's Laces in the Grumperina colorway.

Enjoying breakfast right down to the bowl

And of course I can't quit without a kid picture! We spent a couple of days in Charlotte visiting the Grandparents. It was lots of fun, but none of us got enough sleep since one of us decided to get up at 5:30 am.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Riding Lesson

I think by the time I was this old I was probably steering by myself, but we got a late start.
He was not very comfortable and didn't want to let go and turn to face front, but he did relax enough to smile.

And he really enjoyed patting the horses, he wasn't scared at all from the ground. He also took advantage of all the other great things at the barn, a cat that didn't run when he wanted to pet it, the boot scraper to clean off the mud, and maybe his favorite, of course, the 4-wheeler.


I made these new slippers for him this week, his old ones were starting to be too tight in the toes. These are a bit huge and should last a while.

They are the Alpine Boots from Fiber Trends made with Cascade 220 left over from Kevin's clogs.
A little puff paint on the bottoms to keep them from being too slippery in the kitchen.