Friday, March 27, 2009

But Wait, Wait there's more!

I finished up a long overdue pair of socks last week. These are the Slippin Stripping socks from last year's Sock Madness competition. They are the third round socks and of course the round I got knocked out on. They are knit with double strands of laceweight yarn from Tess' Designer Yarns. No self stripping for us.

Slippin' Strippin socks

I was anxious to finish them up and free up some needles since Sock Madness 3 was beginning. Last Thursday morning the round 1 pattern arrived in my email. I finished the pair this Thursday evening. One week and half a day. Not bad around here since I spend much of my knitting time standing at the dining room table watching to be sure the kid doesn't jump off something.

Tropical Mer-tini socks
Mama E C*eye*ber Fiber Sock

And finally-
But Wait, Wait there's more!
I'll be a contestant on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me on NPR this weekend!
I'm only a little nervous.
OK since it was taped last night I'm only a little nervous to hear it on air, last night I was a lot nervous.


mames said...

OH MY GOD!!!! that is my fav weekend NPR show. i cannot wait to hear you. i feel like i know a star now.

awesome socks too. :) a

turtlegirl76 said...

That's so cool! I just started listening to that. I look forward to the podcast.

Valerie said...

hey Hey HEY!!!! That was you! We always listen to WWDTM. It's fun to hear what your voice sounds like (and your accent ;-) ) Not to mention, you got them all right — cool beans. Congratulations :-)

Mary-Kay said...

Hey there! I came over from Katydid Knits Blog and saw her yarn bowl. I was wondering if I can custom order one from you? That would be GREAT! Let me know!

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