Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some New Pots

I've spent some time this winter working on a few new forms. One of the most requested items is soup mugs. I have a few in my cabinet that are 10 years old and we use them all the time, so it was time to try them again.

I have 10 of these large ones. They are about 20 oz
There is also a batch that are not glazed and fired yet that are just a bit smaller,
I'm guessing they will end up around 16 oz.

The next thing is tumblers. I had a request for some large tumblers and I tried out a few shapes. Here are a couple. These are also around 20 oz.

These Brown and Green ones are slightly flared and drink well and though they are too big for my small hands Kevin likes them.

And the dark blue ones with a bit of a curve.

I'm planning to keep working on these forms and have even more before the studio tour. If you are interested in any of these shown here or in the yet unglazed soup mugs let me know and I can set them aside for you.

I also have a dinnerware set ready to be glazed! If you've been thinking about dinnerware here's your chance with no wait list. Get in touch for more details.

Fire on the Mountain

Spruce Pine's annual Blacksmith Festival is this Saturday from 10-4.
Lucas will be exhibiting and demonstrating.
The rest of us should be there around lunch time.

There is an exhibit of iron work at the TRAC Gallery on Upper Street as well.
Reception is Friday night 5-8.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wheel with a view

We had a couple of crazy weather days with sun to rain in a matter of seconds. Made for a great rainbow. I just wish you could see the lilacs in the foreground.

Kevin and I celebrated our 9th anniversary last week with blueberry pancakes. The smallest member of our family really loves blueberries.

I got knocked out in the second round of the Sock Madness competition. This is the Tokena pattern. It took a full two weeks for all the brackets to fill, but this is as far as I got on both socks. I have since turned the heel and added about an inch on one. I'm skipping round 3, but maybe I'll be done with these and ready to knit along with round 4.