Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby Knits- One Down....

I've got several babies to knit for all arriving late this summer. I had never made the famous Baby Surprise Jacket, so this was my chance. This is yarn I dyed myself last year and have never gotten around to making socks from it. I love how it worked for this. Every time I hit an orange spot it made me smile.

I started before anyone knew the gender thinking it could go either way, but now that it's finished, I'm leaning toward girl with some flowery buttons.
That was confirmed when the smallest member of the household offered to model it this morning. He's only about 20 months and 15 lbs too big.

Swatching now for the next sweater. It's Oliver's turn next!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Little of everything!

Someone's been enjoying the second generation toys this week. My Grandpa made this bank for me. The date on the bottom is 1985, and he made one for each of my cousins that year. The boy managed to get it off the top of the dresser and has been pushing it around the house all week.

A family record for most food on one's face and head in one meal.

I finished a pair of socks. These were the second round of the Sock Madness competition. Some pairs were done in a day, mine took a month. But they will be so warm next winter!

Tokena socks
Purple is Knitpicks Essential
Blue is my own hand dyed

There's also been some cooking. We found strawberries this weekend on a visit to Marion, so we made three batches of strawberry jelly. We also had a batch of grape juice in the freezer from last fall so while we were at it we did a batch of grape too.

And finally, I made Chocolate Eclairs for this month's Java Jam. Looks like I'll have to make them again in July, they were popular. They were pretty amazing, we each had to sample of course.